Your Night

Organising your Night

You supply the venue and the models and we bring our wide selection of ladies clothes and services to you. We provide and entertaining, professional and fun fashion show featuring your friends, colleagues and organisers.


Your voluntary models can be sized 8 to 18 to match the size range that we are catering for. Your models do not need to look like Kate Moss, more importantly they need to be real women with real figures. You could use members of your PTFA or club. People are surprised by how much fun it can be striding up and down a catwalk with your friends, family and colleagues cheering them on.


There are a number of ways that you can publicise your night. Some of the best ways are through using posters in the school or club, newsletters to members, parents and friends, contacting the local newspaper, and through our website.


Your venue will need to have enough chairs for the number of people you wish to cater for. A stage or raised level would be ideal for the purposes of forming a catwalk, however, this is not compulsory and we can work around this. We will provide a PA system and music.

A private and enclosed area will be needed for the models which is easily accessible. To ensure that people are happy with their purchases, we recommend that garments are tried on at the time of purchase. We therefore suggest that the same area is used as a changing room. We cannot accept any returns after purchase, unless a fault is found with the garment.


Selling tickets is the most effective way of ensuring a good turnout. You will need a venue and a ticket selling potential for 50 to 150 people to effectively accommodate your numbers. We recommend a ticket price of £3 to £5 to maximise your fund-raising potential.

Once you have confirmed how many people you can comfortably seat at your venue, the easiest way to ensure that you sell the maximum and desired number of tickets is to allocate each of your members / organisers an agreed amount of tickets.

To further enhance the night for your guests and yourselves, you can also consider organising other events to take place on the same night. Contacting local businesses for support through donation of prizes is another good way of promoting the event. In return we will ensure that they receive a mention during the show as a means of advertising their business and generosity.

The money you make from the ticket sales is yours, plus 10% commission on our total sales for the night. All sales are recorded on the night and a reading will be taken after the final sale with one of your organisers present to confirm the value of the commission you have earned. This will then be paid to you.

We charge a booking fee of £50 which is refunded on the night of the event. The fee is non-refundable should you cancel your booking. We always try to accommodate a change of date if unavoidable circumstances lead to you having to cancel.


We accept payment for purchases by cash or cheque. It is important that people are aware of this before the event. We can also accept payment by card with a minimum amount of £10.

Our Commitment

We realise that it is important to you that people find products to spend their money on. Our products are of a high quality standard and our prices are kept as low as possible with up to 70% off the RRP.

We also appreciate that trust and reliability is important. We will keep in touch with you and will always be on hand to answer any questions or offer our advice.

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